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Pedro Adrover
Telecommunications Engineer, passionated web developer and digital media producer
Client oriented projects without limits


Multi-device design is a main thread in all my projects. Increasingly, people visit us with whathever they have on hand, whether a mobile or tablet, or from a desktop. It is necessary to be clean and clear in every device.
Rich content
The content and his approach are essential to be valued by the search engines. Positioning Strategy, keywords plan and online marketing customized to each client.
Client Customized Projects
The client is an active part of the creation process, and its approval is needed for major steps. The right webite project orientation and final modifications help us to get what we really want.                      


 I have been working since 2006 in diferents projects. 

Close to my clients, every project has the limit where the business limitations are.

If your target is limitated, you don't need an expensive oversized website.

Developing a rich content site, trying to win lots of visitors and having reputation benefits, it's a possibility depending in your decision.

Photo & Video - Promotion & Brand

Fully integrated Social Engine (across Google Plus and the other social networks) to Premium (paid) content options, YouTube’s reach, and your potential impact with it, grows every day.

Show the best of your product, engage your clients 
to your content, let them dream and see how to achieve their dreams.

Equiped with semiprofessional Canon EOS 600D we will show your clients 
the strenghts of your business in Full HD.
Click on the video or watch it in a new window
Click on the video or watch it in a new window
Click on the video or watch it in a new window

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Everything is possible! Go ahead with your project, if you believe in it, there won't be any barrier keeping your project isolated. Lets have a talk and we'll see.

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